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"OCCASIO" is a little sad and bizarre story, about 4 min in length. The main character called "Mr.WithHat" discovers the meaning of missing the last chance to escape a dead and abandoned place...


Bande son de Dead Poulet (jouée en live à la Tannerie, à l'occasio du festival du film d'animation 2009) sur un court-métrage de Paul Hervé.

перестро́йка (Perestroika)

Director/Producer: Alexandrovich Friderici 

Perestroika was created as a form of representing a sudden change. Though its Russian political ties are evident, перестро́йка, meaning restructuring, is to be taken in the more literal sense of the word. It is rather an individualÆs realization to change what he once believed to be something else. Aided by his aboriginal self, his actions threaten to throw the balance off current reality.

L'homme sans tête (2003)

Directed by
Juan Diego Solanas

Phelps, a solitary man who lives in a big industrial city by the sea, is very happy tonight. He is getting ready for a ball. And not any ball, a dance to which the young woman he loves has agreed to come. Tonight he will declare his flame and and it makes him feel like dancing... But there is something wrong with Phelps, at least in his own "eyes": he does not have a head! That is why he sets out to buy a head that suits him to please his lady...
Written by Guy Bellinger  

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Directed by Junichi Yamamoto


Angus and Julia Stone - Black Crow

"Black Crow" Lyrics:
Eyes from the tree take me down the way
Red riders of the dark
Help me through this maze
Do you know, mister, of this place?
Do you know, mister?
No time to waste

Won't you help me be on my way?
Won't you help me be on my way?
So I can set me free

Saw murder in her eyes
The dark of a thousand crows
Cold thriller in disguise
Blue shadows stitched to her toes

Do you know, mister, of this place?
Do you know, mister?
No time to waste

There's propergand for everyman
On the paperstand you know
When will the spinsters face
Let give that twist of grace you know

Do you know, mister, of this place?
Do you know, mister?
No time to waste.

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kokiriko bushi


Some Monday morning eye & ear candy. It's called Yume, and both the animation and music are done by Shunsuke Saito.